Free Lenormand 2 card reading. Yes or No?

Below is the latest from Lucie! She’s offering at least 5 yes or no readings for the folks that comment on this post and email their question using the email link. She’s illustrating the weather here, but your question can be about anything. Heeeere’s LUCIE!

Can you ask the cards about the weather? Why yes, you can! I did this the other day. We’ve been having mostly sunny days but all summer there have been some surprise rain storms roll in now and then. So I asked “Will it rain today?”


Lilies, Mountain

Lilies represent sex sometimes but they can also mean peace and calm. Mountains mean that something will last a long time, or is blocked. So now we have a problem. Are the cards saying that the peaceful weather is blocked (ostensibly by rain)? Or are they saying that the peaceful weather will last a long time?

To solve this dilemma, I looked to the playing card inserts for a clue. Just a glance will do it. Two black cards=NO. It won’t rain. And I noticed that later on in the day, although the sky did cloud up a bit, it never rained.



  1. leslie says:

    no reading question (thanks for the last one!). That deck is very pretty, which one is it?

  2. Rama says:

    I have no idea. I’ll ask Lucie! There are a ton of Lenormand decks. I don’t have the cool one with the playing card inserts.

  3. Bridda says:

    These cards intrigue me. I want to learn how to use them! Still learning to read Tarot, slowly but surely. Lenormand next I hope :)

  4. Lucie says:

    The deck is the Blue Owl. I purchased it on Amazon. There is one version with the playing card inserts and another version with the poem inserts so you have to double check to see which kind you’re ordering. :)

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